Cyberpunk mission

In a room in second-rate corporate facilty on the other side of the Sprawl, an operative is waiting. This operative – our operative – is waiting because they fucked up. Normally we pay people like this to be… disposable, but this time we can’t ignore it. We need you to haul our operative out of the fire – and undo his fuck up – before the corporate extraction team arrives. You have a limited window for action. We’re prepared to pay accordingly.

Sometimes missions fail. Sometimes there’s a mess to be cleaned up. This time you’re the cleaner, not the puddle. Try to keep it that way.


A corporate operative was captured while infiltrating a local facility of AugaTech, an up and coming cyberoptics company, to access their servers. The characters are hired by Jaeger-Rantonen to recover the operative and sabotage the facility’s servers to cover the Jaeger-Rantonen’s role in the captured perative’s infiltration. To facilitate the sabotage, they are given a custom attack program to which their employer has added some hidden special features.

The Meet

Mr. Lee serves as a corporate troubleshooter operating from within the system. He establishes contact with the team through an external mediator who holds a reputation for clean, no-nonsense dealings. This could either be the team’s personal Fixer or someone they’re familiar with.

With distinguished silver strands in his hair and meticulous crow’s feet etching his eyes, Mr. Lee exudes an air of seasoned proficiency. His cybernetic enhancements are concealed beneath authentic-looking synthskin, further bolstering his aura of classic expertise.

The task at hand requires the team to rescue an operative before AugaTech’s Counter Espionage Team reaches them from a distant site. While infiltrating the facility, they’re also instructed to compromise the facility’s computer systems. Mr. Lee provides them with a tailored virus and assault software designed to bypass AugaTech’s matrix defenses.

Sister_Mary rolls for Getting the Job (Edge) and gets a 9 – the team chooses the option: the job pays well


As the ticking clock propels them into action, the team forgoes extensive research, favoring swift engagement with their established network. Sister Mary, with her compelling presence and vast array of contacts, initiates communication with an influential associate known only as ”Lady Fortune.” She cashes in another favor, arranging for an extraction plan to be at the ready should their situation turn dire.

Sister_Mary rolls for Hitting the Street (Style) and gets a 10 – earning her both a [Gear] and [Intel]

The central strategy lies in the hands of Null, the team’s digital maestro. Tasked with infiltrating AugaTech’s network, he aims to pilfer the coveted transponder codes, keys to the digital kingdom that would enable them to commandeer a Yamato Industry drone. The heist of these codes represents their ticket into the fortress-like AugaTech establishment, bypassing formidable defenses under the guise of an authorized drone.

#Null rolls for Compromise Security (Synth) and gets a 10 – giving him all the information and codes needed.

Meanwhile, Rook, skilled in automotive handling and fluent in Yamato’s high-tech language, readies Bishop, his mechanical confidant, for a pivotal role. Guiding Bishop through Neon City’s labyrinthine streets, Rook will station the vehicle at a secluded outpost beyond AugaTech’s towering complex. There, Bishop will wait in the shadows, a secondary escape plan fueled and primed for instantaneous action.

As Neon City throbs with its ceaseless rhythm, the team braces for the impending operation. Each tick of the clock is a stark reminder of time’s ruthless nature. Holding steadfast to their allies’ support and their audacious strategy, they dive headfirst into the perilous endeavor, where every second counts.

Go time

Silhouetted against Neon City’s kaleidoscopic skyline, the cargo-drone-carrier slices through the urban jungle, ferrying the crew towards the monolithic AugaTech building. From the ground, Rook dispatches one of his aerial drones, its electronic eyes serving as an advance scout, piercing the neon haze and relaying crucial information as they near the rooftop rendezvous. Null’s stolen transponder codes grant them safe passage, the digital doors opening just as they alight on the rooftop.

Their arrival, however, is greeted by an unforeseen duo of armed guards emerging from a concealed doorway. In response, Sparrow, an embodiment of silent lethality, vaults from the descending carrier. His blade, a gleaming arc of deadly intent, subdues the guards in a swift, non-lethal display of skill and precision. His swift action ensures that the rest of the team touches down on the rooftop unchallenged.

-Sparrow- rolls for Mix it Up (Meat) and gets a 11 – achiving his goal

Null, connecting his neural interface to the AugaTech network, infiltrates their digital domain. The system falls under his control, disabling alarms and cameras, rendering the team effectively invisible within the corporate fortress. Mr. Lee’s intel points towards the asset’s location: the top floor. A cursory digital sweep confirms the suspicion, pinpointing the asset within the ostentatious CEO’s office, likely under duress.

With their destination set, the team sets into motion. Rook, donning a scavenged guard uniform, takes point, his attire affording him a semblance of camouflage. A smooth talker, he persuades his way past the intercom security, gaining them access to the sanctum. As the office door swings open, the grim scene unfolds: their target, battered and bound, endures a brutal interrogation, surrounded by a quartet of menacing figures. Their mission now crystal clear, the team springs into action.

.Rook rolls for Fast Talk (Style) ang gets a 8 – The npc does as he is told but someone will find out

The door swings open to reveal the steely glare of a man who faces off against Sparrow, his hand inching towards the firearm holstered at his side. However, Sparrow’s cybernetic enhancements grant him superior speed and reaction time. His katana, a whisper of silver, cleaves the man into two halves in one fluid, deadly arc. As chaos erupts, Sister Mary steps in, her weapon barking cover fire for Rook as he dashes for the sanctuary of cover, his own firearm bellowing in return, felling another security personnel.

-Sparrow- roll for Mix it Up (Meat) and gets a 11 – achiving his goal

.Rook roll for Mix it Up (Meat) and gets a 9 – he takes harm and the mission clock advances

In the midst of the firefight, Null expertly sabotages the building’s automated lock systems, priming the elevator for a swift descent into the basement. His task: delivering a data package designed to wipe clean AugaTech’s information-laden databases. In the tumult, Rook suffers a wound, a bullet finding its mark on his arm. Responding with a healer’s urgency, Sister Mary dives into the fray, neutralizing another guard while Null triggers the overhead sprinkler system, blanketing the room in a disorientating downpour.

Sister_Mary rolls for Mix it Up (Meat) and gets a 10 – achiving her goal

Cowering behind the hostage, the final guard mistakenly believes himself untouchable. But Sparrow, his assault rifle now revealed, delivers a quick, precise shot. A silent whisper of death, the bullet finds its mark, ending the struggle with ruthless finality. With their adversaries vanquished, the team can now focus on the extraction of their battered charge, their mission one step closer to completion.

-Sparrow- rolls for Mix it Up (Meat) and gets a 13 – achiving his goal

A harsh alert rings in Rook’s neural interface, a dire warning from Bishop. Two armored vans, engines roaring and tires spewing sparks, are barreling towards the facility. The unspoken promise: an onslaught of reinforced guards arriving in mere moments. Activating his neural interface, Rook initiates a high-speed pursuit, Bishop transformed into a predator on the neon-streaked streets.

Armed with a potent assault cannon, Bishop quickly dispatches the first van in a spectacular conflagration. The second proves to be a more formidable opponent, retaliating with a hail of return fire that scars Bishop’s sleek exterior. Rook’s cry fills the air, anguish etched into every syllable, whether from neural feedback or the sheer heartache of seeing Bishop, his mechanical confidant, brutalized.

.Rook rolls for Mix it Up (Synth) with his car Bishop and gets a 9 – he (Rook) takes harm and an ally (Bishop)

Meanwhile, in the basement’s digital underbelly, Null faces an unexpected obstacle. A message flashes across his interface, a hostile incursion from the hacker group Ghost Squad. They’re probing the AugaTech network for rare, valuable data. Effortlessly, Null denies their intrusion, eyeing the prized data for his own gain. However, a rare stroke of misfortune befalls him; the encryption guarding the database far surpasses his capabilities, and time is an unforgiving master. Instead, he unleashes Mr. Lee’s virus, obliterating all data and leaving only his digital signature etched into the root system.

#Null roll for Compromise Security (Synth) and gets a 4 – he can’t break the ecyption and the elevator is stuck

Above, the skirmish intensifies. As soldiers thunder up the stairs towards the rooftop, Sparrow, Rook, and Sister Mary mount a desperate defense, utilizing guns and any available furniture to barricade their ascent. In the basement, Null faces an immobilized elevator. In a final, audacious move, he secures himself to the elevator cable and fires a shot, severing the cable and sending him shooting upwards through the shaft. As he bursts onto the rooftop, an undeniable aura of badassery surrounds him. With the team reunited, they seize their stolen drone-carrier, leaving the maelithic AugaTech building and its impending horde behind.

#Null rolls for Act Under Pressure (Cool) and gets a 13 – achiving his goal and looks cool while doing it

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