Cyberpunk mission

Welcome, friend, to the Ionian Arcology. You have already encountered your new state-of-the-art comfort suites and productivity labs in your induction interview. You are now free to join your fellow arcology companions in over a thousand unique and adaptable leisure spaces spread throughout the Ionian, all featuring perfectly-filtered, climate controlled, Rejuvinair®. If the leisure space that best reflects your unique and valuable personality hasn’t been built yet, your friendly Leisure Planning Companions are waiting for your creative input into the development process. Help make your new home home.


The team is paid to infiltrate a highly secure condo at the top of a brand new corporate arcology, copy the personal document drive from the Jaeger-Rantonen President’s private server room, and make it look like a burglary.

The Meet

In the aromatic confines of a quaint tea shop, the team rendezvous with Sister Mary’s elusive contact, Lady Fortune. Fresh from the triumphant completion of their prior task, Lady Fortune presents them with a new and intricate challenge. AugaTech remains in the dark about their recent assailants, and now, their gaze has shifted towards their chief competitor: Jaeger-Rantonen.

The CEO of Jaeger-Rantonen resides atop a cutting-edge skyscraper, ensconced in luxury and security. The team’s mission is to covertly penetrate his lavish residence and scour for any evidence pointing to his foreknowledge of the assault on AugaTech’s stronghold.

Sister_Mary rolls for Getting the Job (Edge) and gets a 9 – the team chooses the option: the meeting doesn’t attract attention


Utilizing Null’s exceptional hacking skills, the team gleans intricate details about the layout and fortifications of the Jaeger-Rantonen skyscraper. Ideas begin to crystallize, weaving into a cohesive strategy. Their guise? Merely visitors, paying a visit to another resident within the tower. In a moment of security’s lapse, they’d leverage the fire escape as their clandestine entry point into the CEO’s luxurious abode.

Intelligence indicates the presence of highly-augmented guards in the vicinity. Additionally, the apartment plays host to a cleaning crew and a mysterious mistress. The team prepares, aware of the multiple layers of challenge lying ahead.

(several rolls for Assess and Research were made by all the players)

Go time

The team’s initial encounter was with an unsuspecting guard who, due to his inattentiveness, was swiftly neutralized. Instead of facing off against more guards within the opulent corridors, they chose a more audacious approach: scaling the exterior of the building to directly access the CEO’s private study. Within, they unearthed data which, while valuable in the shadowy alleys of the black market, wasn’t their primary objective. A quick revisit to the building’s blueprints highlighted two other potential points of interest: a secluded server hall and a discreet executive office, each nestled on different floors.

However, their intrusion hadn’t gone entirely unnoticed. An inadvertent trigger of a silent alarm coupled with the conspicuously absent guard began sounding internal alarm bells. Null, their digital maestro, tried feverishly to neutralize the system alert, but the absent guard presented an undeniable physical void. As the building’s internal security began their systematic sweep, an ever-encroaching sense of urgency gripped the team.

Their original exfiltration plan—via the fire escape—met a snag when they almost collided with a guard ascending from the floor below. The tension exploded into a cacophony of gunfire, swiftly drawing the attention of the remaining security personnel.

The opulent halls of the Jaeger-Rantonen building transformed into a battlefield. Echoes of gunfire, the sharp cries of combat, and the sheer pandemonium dominated the atmosphere. Finally, after an exhaustive skirmish, the team managed to distance themselves from their pursuers. Donning disguises and blending into the growing crowd, they melted away, just as the piercing sirens of arriving police and emergency units filled the air.

While the mission’s primary objective remained elusive, the aftermath was undeniable: chaos reigned supreme in the CEO’s stronghold. Likely, the head of Jaeger-Rantonen would be re-evaluating his security measures and, in the world of corporate espionage, pointing fingers at rival corporations for the unprecedented breach.

(several rolls for Mix it Up and Act under Pressure were made by all the players)

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