What is The Sprawl?

Navigate the pulsing veins of a future cityscape in ”The Sprawl,” a tabletop role-playing game where high-tech cybernetics, media manipulation, corporate intrigue, and shadowy crime syndicates color every alleyway.

Set in a dystopian future where mega-corporations control every facet of city life, ”The Sprawl” weaves tales of gritty mercenaries, cunning hackers, and savvy corporate spies. Players immerse themselves in the concrete and neon matrix, taking on dangerous missions that pit them against the omnipresent corporate entities and the murky underworld.

Crafted around a Powered by the Apocalypse system, ”The Sprawl” combines dynamic narrative storytelling with robust mechanics to deliver a satisfying balance of role-play and strategy. Its mission-based structure fosters cooperative gameplay, sharp decision-making, and high-octane narrative arcs.

Join us as we delve into the heart of Neon City, where each choice is a step in the dance between obscurity and influence, survival and oblivion. Our seasoned group explores the city’s highs and lows, confronting the corporations, organized crime, and their own demons. Each mission uncovers a new layer of ”The Sprawl,” weaving an intricate tale of power, deception, and hope.

Get ready for an unforgettable journey into ”The Sprawl,” where the future’s secrets are written in neon and shadow.



Once a wanderer seeking purpose, Mary found her calling in the anti-AI activist group, The Sixth Day. As a devout follower, she views technology’s insidious advance as a plague to be purged, believing in a future where humanity reigns over machines. Dressed like a traditional nun, her attire is juxtaposed by the canvas of intricate tattoos adorning her body, each marking a milestone in her path to the inner circle. With her striking face and driven eyes, she inspires and recruits others to their cause, her conviction as unwavering as her faith.


Null represents the audacious spirit of Neon City’s digital frontier. A youthful hacker with an insatiable hunger for recognition, he’s embedded within a network of cyber dissidents who breach corporate firewalls for sport. Null’s recklessness led him to steal cyberware from an unidentified corporation—a neural interface with a data storage system. Now he exists in the interstice between fame and notoriety, his illustrious name becoming synonymous with the hunter’s target.


Sparrow’s past is etched in the silent blade of a Yakuza Street Samurai. Once revered within the Shogunate, he now bears the weight of dishonor after leaving the Dai-Shensugami clan. Yet, remnants of his past persist—a powerful cybernetic arm with augmented strength and synthetic nerves. His vocal silence, a consequence of a jaw injury, only adds to his enigmatic aura. Sparrow communicates in the language of the Matrix, his sign language conveying more than words ever could. Amid the neon glow and dark shadows of Neon City, Sparrow carves his path, a silent hunter carrying the weight of debts and lost honor.


Once a cog in the machine of Yamato Heavy Industries, Rook found freedom in his audacious theft—his beloved car, ”Bishop,” and an advanced neural interface. Now on the run, Rook has evolved from corporate pawn to rogue player, his fame growing with each daring escape. His rugged face, cool eyes, and the worn leathers he always dons symbolize his rebellious journey. His lithe body is testament to countless high-speed chases, each an adrenaline-fueled testament to his refusal to be reclaimed by his former masters.


Neon City Center - Yamato District

The heart of Neon City, dominated by skyscrapers and monolithic structures owned and maintained by Yamato Heavy Industries. Sky-high billboards projecting Yamato’s latest military equipment form a unique city skyline. The ground level is dedicated to military installations, weapon markets, and defense development labs. But the city truly lives above, where skywalks and vertical gardens hang between skyscrapers, neon lights reflecting off the glass and steel. At its very top reside the richest citizens, with private rooftop gardens, luxury apartments, and helipads.

The Armature – AugaTech Enclave

Surrounding the city center is the AugaTech district, known as The Armature, where cybernetics are not just industry but a way of life. AugaTech’s South American roots are apparent in the vibrant murals, tropical trees, and marketplaces full of street vendors selling cybernetic implants. The district is an ever-evolving mesh of biotech and concrete, with augmentation clinics and chrome-filled black markets alongside bars, clubs, and eateries. Despite its many shadows, the Armature has a human heart, pulsing with life and the relentless rhythm of cybernetic progress.

The Spire – DynaDyne Territory

Neon City’s own monument to the power of information, The Spire houses the conglomerate of DynaDyne’s offices, satellite dishes, and broadcasting towers. Thousands of neon screens flood the streets with a constant stream of news, advertisements, and propaganda. The area is marked by a network of studios, media houses, data centers, and a spaceport for satellite launches. Residents are often employees of DynaDyne living in company housing, living lives dictated by the corporation’s all-encompassing media narrative.

The Root - Jaeger-Rantonen Haven

Jaeger-Rantonen’s biotech dominance manifests in The Root, a district where nature meets advanced technology. Buildings covered with bioluminescent flora, labs disguised as greenhouses, and hybrid creatures wandering the streets give this district a distinct Nordic-Scandinavian ambiance. Biotech workshops, medicinal herb markets, gene-editing clinics, and bio-labs are common sights here.

The Trench

Located in the deepest shadows of Neon City’s towering corporate districts, The Trench is the sprawling slum where the city’s downtrodden dwell. The stark contrast with the rest of Neon City is obvious in its narrow alleyways, makeshift housing, and graffiti-tagged walls. Life here is tough, with crime syndicates and underground markets providing the only means of survival for many. The air is heavy with the smell of street food, rust, and desperation. Despite its many challenges, The Trench teems with gritty resilience and an unbroken spirit.

The Shogunate – Dai-Shensugami Turf

On the fringes of The Trench lies the Shogunate, an ancient layer of Neon City controlled by the Dai-Shensugami Yakuza. Walking through the Shogunate feels like stepping back in time; traditional Japanese architecture is interspersed with neon lights and advanced tech, creating a jarring, hauntingly beautiful landscape. Despite its seedy underbelly, the Shogunate is also a vibrant cultural hub. Lantern-lit streets come alive at night with food stalls serving delectable street food. Izakayas (Japanese pubs) and karaoke bars resound with laughter, music, and stories.




The chants and yells of the protesters almost drown out the feed from the shotgun mic. Those damn signs keep breaking the sight lines of the camera feeds, too. “I’ve lost visual! Switch to the fountain camera!” Smart move holding this meeting here. Dick. Clenched...



Welcome, friend, to the Ionian Arcology. You have already encountered your new state-of-the-art comfort suites and productivity labs in your induction interview. You are now free to join your fellow arcology companions in over a thousand unique and adaptable leisure...



“In a room in second-rate corporate facilty on the other side of the Sprawl, an operative is waiting. This operative – our operative – is waiting because they fucked up. Normally we pay people like this to be… disposable, but this time we can’t ignore it. We need you...