Vad är Vampire?

Vampire: The Masquerade är ett populärt rollspel skapat av White Wolf Publishing. Spelet utspelar sig i en mörk, gotisk värld där vampyrer lever bland oss, dolda av en fasad som kallas ”Maskeraden”. Spelarna antar rollen som vampyrer som tillhör olika klaner och kämpar för att överleva och behålla sin mänsklighet i en komplex, politisk och social miljö.

I Vampire: The Masquerade är vampyrerna indelade i olika klaner, var och en med sina egna unika krafter och svagheter. Dessa klaner är i ständig konflikt, både inom och mellan grupperna, när de kämpar om makt och kontroll över de mänskliga samhällena. Spelarna måste navigera i denna farliga värld, samtidigt som de hanterar sina egna inre demoner och den ständiga frestelsen att falla offer för sina vampyriska impulser.

Spelet använder sig av Storyteller System, ett regelsystem som fokuserar på berättande och karaktärsutveckling snarare än komplexa stridsmekaniker. Detta gör Vampire: The Masquerade till ett utmärkt val för spelare som vill utforska en mörk och fascinerande värld fylld av intriger, konspirationer och övernaturliga faror.

I denna kampanj leder Henrik oss genom 1930-talets Barcelona som nyligen tappat sin mörka prins. Erik tar rollen som den nya prinsen Sigmund de Verdier. Anders gestaltar Yoshiko Mizuki, prinsens asiatiska livvakt och lönnmördare. Niclas är den karismatiske illusionisten Johannes Cabal och Tommy spelar Carrie, en Malkav som pratar mer med sig själv än någon annan.


Johannes Cabal


Born in 1890, Johannes Cabal was a talented magician and illusionist in his mortal life. Hailing from a small Romani community, he traveled through Europe, showcasing his talents and honing his skills in both illusion and thievery. He caught the attention of an elder Ravnos magician, who saw potential in his deceptive abilities and embraced him in 1915. Since then, Johannes has continued to practice his craft, integrating his vampiric powers with his already impressive talents.

During the 1930s, Johannes found himself in Barcelona, drawn to the city’s vibrant arts and culture scene. He quickly became a figure of intrigue, known for his enigmatic presence and captivating performances. His acts would blur the line between reality and illusion, leaving audiences awestruck and curious for more.

While he enjoyed the spotlight, he also leveraged his skills for personal gain, using his abilities to infiltrate high society gatherings and steal valuable items. His intricate heists earned him a reputation among the criminal underworld, and his ability to manipulate and deceive others made him a valuable asset.

Johannes is driven by his desire to perfect his art and to experience the pleasures of unlife. He is cunning and opportunistic, always looking for ways to exploit the weaknesses of others for his benefit. He enjoys the thrill of the heist and the satisfaction of outwitting his opponents. However, beneath his hedonistic and self-serving exterior lies a desire for connection and understanding, something he finds increasingly difficult to achieve as a vampire.



Carrie was born into a world of bitterness and hardship, on a cold winter’s night in the rustic Welsh countryside. Her mother, a woman of striking beauty but limited means, was left to raise Carrie and her siblings on her own, striving to keep them warm, fed, and safe. However, the circumstances of their existence made life a struggle, and her mother had to resort to ways that were less than savory to keep the family afloat. The house was often filled with strange men – some kindly, others dangerously inebriated and prone to violent outbursts.

She grew up prematurely hardened by the world. The small house she shared with her mother and siblings became a battlefield as much as it was a home, each day bringing new trials that tested their resilience. She felt a fierce responsibility to shield her younger siblings from the worst of it, intervening to absorb the blows that were meant for them.

Left with nothing but a raw wound where her dignity used to be, Carrie found solace and a lifeline in the unlikeliest of places – a small, mysterious occult bookstore nestled in the heart of the town. There she found work, an understanding ear in the form of the bookstore’s eccentric owner, and a refuge from the outside world. Surrounded by dusty tomes and mystical paraphernalia, Carrie began to rebuild her life from the ruins.

The bookstore was a hotspot for the communist underground, attracting the like-minded to secret meetings held under the guise of occult gatherings. In the midst of these complex political machinations, Carrie found a cause to believe in and the community she had so desperately yearned for. She became an avid supporter, using her position at the bookstore to aid their cause.

Her dedication to their cause drew the attention of Milbert Jones, a cunning Malkavian. Spotting the potential in Carrie’s struggle, he guided her into the Kindred world, marking her life’s drastic shift. Now a Malkavian herself, Carrie straddles two worlds. In one, she maneuvers through Parisian high society as a spy for the Camarilla, collecting crucial information. In the other, she grapples with her mortal ties, participating in political dramas and conspiracies. Amid the tumult, Carrie, the protector from the Welsh countryside turned Malkavian agent, seeks peace and acceptance in her unique existence.

Sigmund de Verdier


– ”It is not the life within me that I chase. That is dead since long. It is the life outside that I bring inside”.

Immediately her face turned white and he nurtured from her as her body paralyzed and his back arched over his arms.

She was frozen, paralyzed and in a state which made him see everything so clear, to the detail and also hearing every mouse and footstep around him.

It should have been the third and final time unless the priest and his entourage of choir boys entered the catacomb, to clean up the grave of Sigmunds mother.

With Felicia’s blood around his mouth and smothered down to his neck she violently screamed as the old priest threw all of the holy water and ran but not far…
Sigmund de Valier stayed in the catacombs for two weeks, being forced to eat the priest and the choir boys as his life fell a part. In 1492 he saw land for the first time. A new place. A new home. A new world.

Yoshiko Mizuki


Yoshiko was a young Japanese woman from Osaka who was forced (tricked?) into becoming a vampire to save her brother Keitaro from a powerful and cruel mafia boss. The two then fled by cargo ship, first to Buenos Aires, and after a few years traveled by container ship to Marseille, where they began working for Sigmund.

Yoshiko is agile and moves quietly, preferably in the shadows. But also charismatic and easily charms his way. Is a street smart intelligence gatherer and assassin, Assamite that she is, armed with knives and a katana. But she is not a strategist or particularly cognitive, and is not one to work out strategies or figure out connections (int 1). She prefers to work for others as an extended arm with her expertise.

Yoshiko is a tough survivor, and despite her brother Keitaro being a ghoul, she has a close bond with him.

Session Log

S0E06 – Warfare Pt. 6

S0E06 – Warfare Pt. 6

Carrie vision: A kind elderly doctor that is treating a patient, then suddenly draws a knife and starts cutting with a terrible resolve.  The coterie starts to establish themselves in Barcelona, excavating tunnels, building havens and seeking out potential...

S0E05 – Warfare Pt. 5

S0E05 – Warfare Pt. 5

During the escape from the refugee camp, Simon and Yoshiko managed to get lost in the tumult. Carrie and Johannes secures the prisoner and manage to get to Gustavius' old workshop.  They  encase the setit in concrete and begin the interrogation:  They...

S0E04 – Warfare Pt. 4

S0E04 – Warfare Pt. 4

During the day you can hear Scrappy wallowing, you confront him the next night and Johannes and Sigmund manages to put the pieces together, he is an old clan Tzimische an almost dead bloodline abandon by his sire. Your ghouls, contacts and herd reports in sightings...

S01E03 – Warfare Pt. 3

S01E03 – Warfare Pt. 3

The coterie leaves the party to start investigating the murder/attack on Louis Danton.  They start by confronting Mariam Ajvar (Aisha Deneva), who freely admits she has several boons that need to be repaid by handling parts of the clan's heroin smuggling. A...

S0E02 – Warfare Pt. 2

S0E02 – Warfare Pt. 2

You gather at the theater for a simple party to introduce Sigmund as the new ruler of barcelona.  The fresh guests being introduced to prince Andre, and all seem at least a little bothered by the occasion  “Scrappy” Joseph Pander, seem to believe that he was...

S0E01 – Warfare Pt.1

S0E01 – Warfare Pt.1

The plot is fairly simple the coterie is slowly assembled from across Europe to meet Regis, prince of Marseilles. He offers the title of prince of Barcelona to Sigmund de Valier, and expands on his plan to make it in to a free city a chance for young kindreds to...